Me-Nature and my Ipod


I call it digital technology. My daughter calls it “my Ipod”. To her, it is an intimate tool that connects her to the world and she can use it to instantly communicate with anyone.

I call it a tool; she doesn’t complicated it too much. It is simply an Ipod. So she has less hesitation to put it in her pocket and carry it with her every where and all the time.

I call it distraction; she calls it attraction. I invite her to listen to the birds, watch the first buds on the trees, breath the fresh spring air. she says ok but the Ipod has to be a part of it too. It’s not the same without the Ipod. How is she going to share that beautiful moment with her sister or her best friend then? How is she going to save that memory for tomorrow?

I have no answer; but the moment that the Ipod comes in between her and “the real world” I feel something is interfering with the deep connection and relation. I ask, “Why do you need that Ipod to connect to that tree?” “Why does your sister need to see this picture right now?”

She looks at me puzzled. The Ipod is she. It is one of her senses. She touches, smells, and listens to the world; but she Ipods the world too.

While I question that electronic tool in her hand duirng our nature walk, she embraces the world with her Ipod.

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