The Turtle

Summer 2014 092

I asked Rauz to write about this photo on my blog today because she was excited about this shot and wanted to say something about it. Doing this together encouraged both of us to further search the internet for information about this turtle, that otherwise, was just a ‘beautiful turtle ‘ for us. But we uploaded our photo on google images and in a few minutes where able to find the name of this turtle and more info about it.

A really colourful  turtle in a pathway that we always go to.I think the turtle is pretty because it has the colours yellow and orange the colours together are beautiful.I took this photo on a sunny day with my mom’s camera.It was difficult to take this photo because I had to make it look like I was right beside it. I wonder were the turtle lives?.I wonder if the turtle is a female or male? So I searched google images with my mom and I learned that the name of the turtle was an eastern painted turtle. I think it is a female because it has a bigger shell. Predators of this turtle are: foxes and raccoons. Rauz


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