A day of birth

June 2013 026

We walked outside the door and the children were free. They didn’t mind the wind or the chill. They did hand stand and cartwheel; they played tag and hide and seek; they became Rapunzel and I was the bad witch; they picked flowers, they danced with the wind.

On my daughter’s 7th birthday, we had 7 girls coming to our apartment. They played with Lego, they played candy land board game, they played with Barbie. They danced. They had many fun indoors.  But for me, it is always amazing to watch young children to walk from inside to outside. Their faces brighten up with smiles, they speak louder if not screaming with excitement, their arms and legs are moving faster, they bend to touch and feel they breath deeper; and most important (for many parents!) they eat better and with more joy. It’s not too cold, or too hot, or windy, or humid, or … for them. They embrace the weather with their whole body and mind. For one very  fundamental reason that adults keep forgetting: There are less restrictions outside, there is more space and more “things to do.” It’s okay to be loud, to kick, to run, to push, to jump, and to roll. The noise of children and their body movements are less bothering the adults when outside. Isn’t this one reason enough to offer more opportunities for them and for ourselves to be out of the doors?

It has never stopped to deeply break my heart to see children (trapped) inside on a beautiful day. It makes me so sad to literally drop my daughter inside (her classroom) on exceptionally wonderful days when everything is happening outside; where outside can be a the richest classroom for the day, while inside remains limited to paper and pencil, to verbal language, to sitting and not moving, to constantly telling your body and mind: not wonder and wander around.


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