A Memory

Spring 2013 012On a beautiful morning walk in one of our favorite trails in Toronto, we got to this small but ecologically diverse pond. This is the place where we took our pictures with geese last spring and my daughter’s favorite “tangle tree”.

Here we found 2 frogs and my husband took this amazing photo that when we uploaded it on our computer and carefully looked at it, we noticed that we can see three of us in his eyes! From right to left, my daughter standing and holding a stick, my husband with the camera in his hand, and me on the left side. He took this picture with our Canon digital camera with a regular lens. The quality of the picture and camera is surprising.

Spring 2013 005And this is becoming our wish … to take a picture with this “tangled tree” every spring. I have another picture of my daughter and this tree on my posting on May 10, 2012 from last year. I’m thinking how she perceives and interacts with this environment differently as she grows. In her last picture, she was trying to reach the top branch to pull it down. In this picture, she is holding a stick (this is the first thing she looks for when we walk in this trail) but is posing under the tree. It is also important for her to visit this tree in each of our visit. Specially now that we half moved from Toronto to London, Ontario and we come to this trail less often.

It is interesting to see how this environment including the tree is changing over time.

Her level of comfort and mine make me think about the value of connecting to natural environment close and relevant to us. We both love to come to this trail every weekend, to find out what has changed and what remained the same … to discover what we haven’t discovered so far … to know that we know it but to get surprized about how much is left to be known … to feel secure that we’re safe and our environment is stable while everything around us seem moving and changing every second. This what matters when we walk in this trail … the natural environment embraces us … we’re at “home” … to me, it’s more valuable and needed comparing with a visit to some far, exotic, “picture-perfect” natural places. It takes time to be there and connect to nature there … but in this trail I’m already connected … it’s like going to my grandparents home to be with them, have food, chat, and laugh with them … each visit is new but familiar

…. and I’m advocating for connecting to nature where ever it’s close to us, to our children, to our everyday life … and there are many chances for this. Find yours.

One comment on “A Memory

  1. I love this 🙂 …and the frog picture is amazing. There has to be an interesting metaphor or story you could draw from that (what the frog saw…in the eye of the frog…)

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