A morning to remember


At 6 on an October morning my 4-month old daughter was crying and did not want to go back to sleep. The fall sun was raising and she was looking out the window of the beautiful Georgian Bay cottage that we were staying for 2 nights.

Not very happy, my husband and I put on our coats, get her ready and left our warm and  comfortable beds to step into …

A quiet world from distance but a harmonious busy environment in a close contact. The weezing of insects, the chip calls of birds, the wind, the water, the fish, the sun ray … and the world was waking up.

My daughter was calm, my husband and I were in awe. We all stand quiet by the water and watched, listened, felt, and smelled the beauty of the nature around us … we were becoming a part of that silent, busy, waking world … we were wondering how the day would unfold …

I often share my home pictures with early childhood education students, early childhood educators, teachers, and colleagues. This picture is often a favorite. It captures the possibilities of making deep connection through observation, listening, and desiring. It talks about the desire of children in making meaning. It talks about the rights of children to rich experiences. It challenges us to revisit our connections and understandings of nature. A revisit that invites us to remember the complexity of our connections.

And I’m wondering what can “replace” this experience, for her, for me … for us.

One comment on “A morning to remember

  1. Daisy Prado says:

    The world is full of beauty. I’m glad you got to experience that with those you love.
    You have a wonderful blog. Now following 🙂


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