“Mommy do you have gym today?”

 “Mommy do you have gym (lesson) today?” This is the question my 6 years old daughter asked me this morning when we were leaving home for school and work in the morning. I was putting on my highheels and she was wearing her running shoes. She had gym lesson and I had to teach my “managing project” course. She was wishing to be able to wear high heel shoes and I was the one who actually could do that.

I responded, “No mommy. I teach today”.

Rauz added with a big surprise, “You mean you have to work at your desk all day?” Now that she’s in Grade 1, she knows better what working at desk all day means.

So I explained, “Yes mommy but I go outside for fresh air.” which often is not true. The only time that I leave the building is when I walk to my car which is for about 3 minutes!

Rauz looked at me and quickly but surely said, “That’s why I don’t want to grow up!” I felt as if I had to say something to defend the grownups, “But you can’t help it. You’re going to grow up.”

She was smart and had the answer ready, “But if I don’t eat food, I won’t grow!” I have a quick answer too! With a tone as if I knew everything in the world, I said, “Even if you don’t eat food, you still gonna grow.” and we left home.

For the rest of the day I felt sad that my life is so indoorized these days. I had to look at some summer photos to remind myself of “good old days” and plan for them to be “good new days.”

So I take her wisdom that if growing means you need to “work at a desk all day”, even in fancy highheels, then it’d better to stay a child forever. Nothing really worth the trade, for running, rolling, jumping, and going up and down the slides. I hope Rauz keeps this feeling and perspective. And I’ll go for a walk tomorrow, with my college students. 


One comment on “ “Mommy do you have gym today?”

  1. Mona Meyer says:

    I could agree with you and Rauz more. I have taking walks for the past 6 mos every day during my lunch hour even in the scorching heat of summer.

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