A New Life, A Returned Heron, And Our Tangled Lives

Every weekend, we went back to our favorite  trail hoping to see the geese with their babies. Finally, this Sunday we found them on the same pond but this time with their little baby chick. A new life emerged and is developing, a  miracle. We approached them quietly but they were so aware and cautious of their environment that they quickly went into the water. We put some bread for them on the ground hoping to show them that we’re friends. But they didn’t come close to us at all this time. Rauz asked me why and I said perhaps they are worried that we may hurt their baby … now their parents and have a stronger sense of protection. It was surprizing to see how difficult it was to take a picture of the baby chick because he was moving so fast and I couldn’t get a good shot ! Another active baby who desires to explore the richness of a new world inviting him to touch, listen, smell, and taste. Rauz loved to watch how the baby chick was walking behind her mom and pecking for food and I enjoyed noticing how  the chick stayed closer to her mom all the time while the dad was following them from a distance. We were both wondering how the chick would look like when we come back next week.

While Rauz was searching in the bushes far from me, this beautiful heron popped out of his hiding spot. Rauz was surprized by his very quick reaction but then seeing him standing so still right in front of her. She stopped to watch. I took this picture. His color, long neck, and curious and cautious eyes make me think about what he is good at, what role he is playing in this world, in what ways I’m connected to him … Camouflaging is a key ability to survive in the natural environment, to hunt for prey and not be hunted as a prey … How about humans? Do we we camouflage?

This is what Rauz calls a ‘bridge’ and kept asking me to take her to this spot. She was fascinated by how the vines are wrapping around the tree and bending its branches, she couldn’t take for granted the natural design and structure of this ‘bridge’ or arch. She loved to stay under this ‘bridge’ and looking up to see the fresh new leaves. We looked together to see how and if the tree can survive this invasion. It was a young tree and all its main

branches were wrapped and bending down by the weight of the vines. We decided to check this tree again later to see how it looks like in a few months or even years. … our curiosity about things that we’re developing intimate relationship with now gives us reasons to come back … to not forget … to care … to be interested … to wonder.

I looked around myself and was surprized to see how everything in that trail is wrapped and tangled: leaves, branches, bushes, dead trees, soil, broken sticks, weeds, flowers … one may just artificially separate them from the another, but in reality there isn’t any one,  there’re only tangled lives all in a constant struggle to survive, to stay, to become stronger… while one life depends on other’s lives … so symbolic of our humane social lives … we’re wrapped around each other, there’s no one of us .. it’s always us/we. I’m taking with me a question … a quest to know what this piece of nature is telling me.


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