Where the wild things are!

There is a trail close to our home, where we go for biking, walking, and playing tennis, a familiar environment … in the middle of our big city … where nature is fighting with the city pollution here and there … where the birds and the river are competing with the noise of  a huge train passing every 10 to 15 minutes.

It`s always a different experience when we go for a quiet wandering and wondering walk, we slow down and we go left and right, pause, touch and feel … that`s when I feel I`m able to deeply connect to the natural environment … when Rauz has the time and space to encounter surprises, throw stones in the river, pick sticks, walk on the dry leaves, spy ducks, and breathe in the fresh air …

On one of our quiet walks, we see the geese who are just back to our city early in spring. We walk closer to see what they are fighting for … yes, territory … four geese, two couples, are marking loudly their spaces-homes-lands

We`re exciting to see them from such a close distance. They`re not scared from us. We sit watching them while eating our sandwiches … the two who won the fight come close, we start throwing bread for them but are not sure how  close they would get to us, or how much closer we should let them get to us!

As the time passes, we all feel more comfortable to enter into each other`s spaces … I`m on alert thinking they`re wild animals and of course strong … look at their wings, beaks, and the noise they can make … But none of us can resist the temptation of this closeness … I feel good thinking we are  building this trust relationship in which these geese are coming so close to us, looking at us for food, … but what else?

Would they also take the bread from our hands? Yes they do … at the end,  Rauz feels comfortable to let them eat from her hand … and they do …. feels strange, extraordinary, … to me, they seem powerful, vulnerable, beautiful, scary all the the same time …

Rauz starts asking us for the camera to take their pictures, she feels so comfortable with them now … happy, proud, and curious … We talk about wild animals, she`s wondering if we should be scared from them, or when we should be scared. We talk about how we can read their thoughts, guess their intentions, feel they`re alarmed. We both agree that they read us too, they can understand if we`re going to harm them, scared from them, not liking them… We plan to go back again to see if they`re nesting.

A unique experience for a child who`s growing up in a city … and whose mom is resisting her request for having a `pet!`


One comment on “Where the wild things are!

  1. Mona Meyer says:

    A wonderful experience indeed. Thank your for sharing.

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