Biking in winter

I love biking and am very lucky that my daughter still fits in her bike seat.  She loves singing, telling stories, and watching the world while I’m doing the hard work of paddling! Our favorite ride is to bike from our home in North York to downtown Toronto. It’s a beautiful natural trail and takes about one and half  hour. We pass blooming trees, watch ducks and beavers in the rivers, and smell wild flowers. We also look for black mulberry trees and love to eat the juicy red or black mulberries. Our final stop is in our favorite ice cream store  where we sit to eat chocolate ice creams by the water and feed pigeons and sparrows with the bread crumbs that we brought from home. These are  the good memories of spring and summer days…

I had to dis-assemble my bike to store it in our bathroom for the winter; because our building doesn’t have any place to store bikes. That means I can’t bike with Rauz until some time in March. We will miss it.

But if you love biking and you don’t mind the cold weather, I just learned about an exciting event in Toronto.

The Coldest Day of the Year Ride will take place January 30. The ride will start at noon and end at 12:30 with Hot chocolate for all riders. Call 311 or contact for more information.

Next year, I have to be more creative and think about other ways to store my bike, so winter won’t be excluded from our biking adventures.


2 comments on “Biking in winter

  1. randy Eady says:

    When your daughter is ready, be sure to check on the true “training balance concept:

    Develops balance, coordination and refines motor skills @ a safe pace for 2-5 year olds.
    “Total Control” Ultra-Safe Design builds rider self-confidence and enhances learning.
    Balance aid to instill a natural feel for two-wheel bike riding without Training Wheel developmental delay.
    Independent Movement Learning Tool to stimulate discovery learning/intellectual development.
    Effortless, painless, fear/tear-less transition to riding a two-wheel bike with pedals.
    Versatile, compact “take everywhere” mobility tool that encourages your child to be physically active.

  2. Thanks for your advice. My daughter doesn’t have one of them. With my husband’s persistence and my daughter’s determination, she said good by to the training wheels last summer and now is a solo rider but still needs attention.

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