Rouge Park’s Ninth Annual Winter Bird Count

 Schools will open next Monday and this weekend is a wonderful time to enjoy outdoors with our kids. A nature walk, a play time in the park, a wandering and wondering morning in your city, an adventurous exploration of the winter in your back yard, and …

You may take a clip board, some paper and color pencils with you; your camera to photograph the magical scenes; or a recorder to record the voice of nature in winter …

We are planning to go to a wonderful event that is held on Sunday in Rouge Park, Aurora, Ontario. That is “Rouge Park’s Ninth Annual Winter Bird Count”. We will be counting and recording as many birds that we see and hear throughout the day being led by an experienced birder. Here’s the link if you’re interested in learning more about this event to either join us or to plan your own ‘bird count’ day. Rouge Park Winter bird count


2 comments on “Rouge Park’s Ninth Annual Winter Bird Count

  1. That is so good to outing and look and listen to nature…..good luck with your activity.

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