Winter Solace …

I can’t believe that I couldn’t post anything for almost 2 weeks. The time flew away so fast. For about 10 days, I was writing for over 9 hours at my computer with no break everyday to get the first draft of my dissertation done. I pushed my limits too hard but it worth it. It was interesting for me to see how my brain worked. I could hardly turn it off even at night, so I was writing in the morning and not sleeping at nigh. And I didn’t feel tired at all. All my body was in this non-stop full-force working mood. I printed out everything finally last Wednesday and handed it in to my supervisor and right away, without missing a second, I came down with a horrible cold! Worse than that I lost my voice. Oh, it’s so hard to have a 5.5 years old girl at home and not be able to talk!! After a week I still have no voice! Wow! Our body is working so interestingly. We often underestimate the power of things that we have no control over them. …

It’s Christmas time. It’s Hanukkah and it’s winter solace  too.

We, Iranian, celebrate winter solace, which happens on the longest night of year when the sun’s daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest. It’s a very short moment, which this year is on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 12:30 am. So December 21 is the shortest day of the year with only 8 hours 55 minutes and 42 seconds in it. After this, the days start getting longer again. As a child I have wonderful memories of this celebration, with lots of nuts, fruits of the season (fall water melon and pomegranate), stories and laughs.

Food is often at the center of many of our festivals. And I’m happy that most of our food is still coming from the natural world. Let’s respect and appreciate it with our children and friends. It may not last long with our earth population hit 7 billions this year.

It is interesting to see how nature is presenting itself  in our celebrations and traditions: lights, fires, trees, food, and human beings.


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