Why Nature?

I knew Tim Gill from his book No fear: Growing up in a risk averse society. (highly recommend).

In his blog posting, why does nature matter to childrenhe offers a  link to a very extensive literature review to discuss the empirical evidence of why nature matters to children. In general, he categorizes  the benefits under 6 categories: Health, Well-being, Cognitive, Social, Emotional/behavioural, Ethical/attitudinal. If you ever need evidence to prove to your family, colleagues, school, community, and policy maker, this literature review is a great resource. Tim’s focus is on children’s play and free time and I love the way he challenges our views of childhood in a culture that is confused (in my idea) about the many definitions of ‘risk’ especially when it relates to children … Here’s his website http://rethinkingchildhood.com/ and he’s blogging too. Check it if that’s your quest too.


2 comments on “Why Nature?

  1. Tim Gill says:

    Farveh – thanks for this post, and for your generous praise of my work. It’s great to see you’re spreading the word about play, nature and risk. Good luck with your endeavours!

    • Thanks Tim. I’m very busy to put the first draft of my dissertation together at the moment (I’m hoping to give it to my supervisor this Monday) but will post more very soon and love to keep the conversation going on inviting more views and questions.

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