How do boys interact with nature?

This is about our young boys. Not that girls are different or are less important, but let’s think about boys today.

Bugs and little creatures often amaze boys. Their small but mystical body features with lots of tiny detail cannot be ignored. Their movement needs to be studied very carefully. Their busy social life and hard work are strange but interesting.  Boys generally are very fascinated to touch, hold, carry, share, and sometimes squish these tiny creatures! They beg to bring them home or to school. They hide them in their pockets. They love to tell stories either from their imaginations or from what they’ve learned in their school or books:

Spiders don’t bite!

Do you know there are fire ants?

I don’t like bees!




Boys particularly enjoy free time in the green world outdoors, where they can wander and wonder, play, talk to themselves, find things that interest them, hold a stick and tell scary stories, pick up flowers and imagine romance, and more important than anything else, to be a boy and a child. The boys that I knew as a child spent hours and hours exploring and thinking in the vacant lots, quiet ravines, grass fields, and their own home backyards.  The boys that I knew now also need a lot of that free time in the green world. Nothing can replace it; no computer game, internet surfing, kids’ movie, Wonderlands, or Chuck E Cheese. The social emotional benefits of free time in nature does not fit in a list or in a blog post. Health and educational experts, now, are seriously warning us about the lack of these opportunities for young children. L. Sax, R. Louv, D. Sabel, and J. Muir are just a few of them.

What are some of your childhood memories? What has changed since you were a child? Is anything missing? In what ways are our boys’ experiences with nature richer and more exciting these days?

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