So how to …

Weather you live in a jungle of concrete skyscrapers or a small town surrounded by farms, there are often opportunities for children to experience nature. They don’t really need to go to big zoos or forests to see the “wild.” They just need to bend down and dig the soil to discover a wild life right underneath their feet. Nature is full of tiny wonders and adventures waiting to be explored. And children are innately curious to learn.
But to encourage, support, and enrich their curiosity, we need to give them time and space; we need to understand their unique rhythm; we need to respect their natural desire to learn and experience nature with all their senses. They need to hold and closely observe the earth worms; they need to stand by the water and throw big rocks and hear the splash noise; they need to taste the fresh white and cold snow.
If you, like me, believe that we need children who love and care about nature; children who enjoy wondering and wandering in nature; children who are environmentally literate and ‘naturalistically’ intelligent; you and me need to make sure that the children’s rights to experience nature is not denied.
Also, our rights to enjoy discovering and re-discovering the wonders of nature with them.
How have you recently experienced nature with a child? What did interest her? What did he ask? What did engage you?

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