Where is nature in a big city?

We often talk about and use the word nature in a casual way in our everyday language. But, when we try to define what nature really is, we will find that it is not easy. Our definitions first depend on how we individually think about nature as well as how our society and culture view nature. Defining what nature is in a big city is even more challenging and often creates hot discussions because nature is not free of our influences. Is a ‘cut-and-paste’ garden nature? How about dressed-up pet animals? Or fake ‘falls’ in shopping malls? Or are the natural trails which pass through our roads natural? What about raccoons and squirrels that choose to live inside our cities and we whole-heartedly ban any harm to them?

So, where is nature in a big city? I love to hear your ideas. Share them with us. 


4 comments on “Where is nature in a big city?

  1. Otty Mueller says:

    Nature is anything that thrives. It doesnt matter if it’s planted or arranged. 🙂

  2. Hamid Tighnavard says:

    Nature is always entertaining us as guests. Nevertheless it seems we are ruining our chance for further entertainment by this wonderful guest.

  3. Thanks for your comment. That’s a nice way to describe it. We’re ‘guests’ in nature. In many different ways, including to its delicious table! Follow my future posts when I will talk about how we position ourselves in nature: are we at the center or is nature at the center of this relationship? Is nature for our entertainment?

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